Our approach

The project’s approach is to develop a sustained diversity change and capacity-building program that supports and expands the campus’ big-picture strategic agenda as an institution. The project will produce a database of good practices of IDEA offices and approaches, guidelines on how to set up IDEA offices and infrastructure, capacity building peer-learning activities, and a community of practitioners centered around knowledge-sharing, future trends, and cooperation. These outputs will serve as strategic plans and implementation milestones of a campus-wide diversity plan and innovation system. The project acknowledges that addressing and correcting inequities takes time and a variety of voices and perspectives to ensure that one person’s stepping-stone does not become another’s obstacle. The IDEA-net consortium will commit three years to continuous service improvement, grow, learn, exchange and realize how different national contexts impact the work of IDEA offices, and tailor interventions to various academic infrastructures. The project’s shared commitment and work are needed to make real, lasting change.