IDEA-net is to develop coordinated set of tactics for building a sustained diversity change and capacity-building programme, that supports and expands campus’ big-picture strategic agenda as an institution.

IDEA-net will produce:
 – Database of good practices of IDEAs offices and approaches
 – Guidelines on how to set up IDEA offices and how to set up the right infrastructure
 – Capacity building peer-learning activities for support services
 – Community of Practitioners centered around knowledge-sharing, future trends and cooperation

After they are produced, these outputs will function as strategic plans and implementation milestones for a comprehensive diversity plan and innovation system across the entire campus. This will include accountability processes and change management systems to ensure effective implementation.

Output 1

Compendium of Best practices of IDEA strategies and tools

Output 2

The Guideline toolkit for setting up IDEA

Output 3

Capacity building tool for IDEA support services

Output 4

IDEA-net Community of Practice