IDEA-net project builds on the partners’ existing practices in Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Access (IDEA), extensive research in the field of social dimension of HEI, and stakeholder network, and aims to unite this body of knowledge into systematic approach to incorporating IDEA in HEIs, especially looking at different contexts and levelling IDEA field at  European level.

We committed ourselves to:

  • Exchanging good practices and building capacities at 5 Universities in different European regions, while at the same time creating outputs that can be exploited by any University wishing to expand their work in Inclusion and Access;
  • Equipping institutional leaders with right set of tools and experiences to deliver on the promise of higher education for all students, by promoting the importance of a diverse campus, adopting an equity-minded approach to leadership, and facilitating greater inclusion
  • Growing, exchanging, and learning how different national contexts impact work of IDEA office and how to be better equipped to tailor-made our interventions to various academic infrastructures.

Partners at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in January 2024