Federal University of Pernambuco – Recife, Brazil

Núcleo de Políticas LGBT (NLGBT) – (LGBT Policy Hub) was re-established by the current rectory at Federal University of Pernambuco., It is composed of professors Alfredo Gomes and Moacyr Araújo, with the objective of carrying out actions that support and guarantee a better quality of life for the LGBTQIAPN+ population that works and studies at the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). The office supports LGBTQ students/staff. This The equity group supported by this office equity group was identified as proposed by university’s internal policies and by students. UFPE has access targets for this equity group.

The activities that the office has carried out in the last two years include: 

  • Support and counselling for students and university staff, 
  • Lectures, workshops, seminars for students, faculty and non-teaching staff, 
  • Public promotion (e.g. production of media content such as podcasts)

In addition to these activities NLGBT also implements recommendations/guidelines to counter exclusionary and discriminatory practicespractises at the university.

The latest innovative practice NLGBT introduced was in 2021 which involved- the creation of quotas for the access of people from minority groups to the university’s master’s and doctoral programs, including trans and travesti people.  

The rise of subaltern groups to academia and the need to combat prejudice against LGBT groups LGBTphobia in academic spaces were the main motifs to establish the office. The commitment to establishing a more inclusive university and changing society were the crucial factors for the UFPE leadership in deciding to establish the office for wider access/inclusion/diversity for students/staff. The office is made by LGBTQIA+ people for LGBTQIA+ people, focused not only on administrative activities, but on reception and active listening, which makes it a successful case.
The office is not governed by national policy, but by an internal policy of UFPE that is linked to the current rector.
The NLGBT is an administrative office formed by civil servants, linked to the dean’s office. Diversity, inclusion, and equality are explicitly mentioned in NLGBT office and in the university’s strategies, policies, work plans. The decision-making process in the NLGBT is linear horizontal. Although there is a coordinator, all interns and permanent staff are invited to present their contributions so that decisions are taken collectively. The office is always open to hearing suggestions from the student body and organized civil society. However, the NLGBT does not have the autonomy to make decisions beyond its own internal structure. The office is not part of any official networks.
Since it’s a temporary policy that is linked to the current rector and it is also a sensitive issue, the biggest challenges faced by NLGBT refer to promoting a change in collective mentality in relation to the LGBTQIA+ community through conversations. NLGBT is an administrative body, made up of federal civil servants. The funds for the NLGBT come from the rectory, which in turn receives these funds from the Federal Government. Funding is very stable, and there are no funding problems since the sector is internal to the university.
NLGBT doesn’t have formal evaluation process of their office.

LGBT Policy Hub

Recife, Brazil